High expectations of all pupils.

Opportunities for all

Experiences and learning opportunities that they would not have access to at home

Reinforcement that dreams and goals can be achieved through self belief, commitment and perseverance.

Inspirational lessons which allow children to achieve their goals

Challenging children to be the best they possibly can, not to coast

Vocation – what has God called me to be?

Building resilience

Giving them opportunities to take risk and learn from this

Knowing that it is okay to learn from mistakes.

Not giving up and trying varying methods to reach goals

‘3 before me’ approach to encourage collaborative learning rather than asking an adult all the time.

Taking the initiative

Recognising that they have talents and skills

Recognising that other people have equal right / need for adult attention and support

Including mental health.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Giving lots of opportunities for sport fitness.

Mindfulness and wellbeing activities

Opportunities to converse on feelings and emotions

Explore the outdoors outside of local community (Covid allowing, of course)

Enjoying exercise – alone and with company

Walk to school – no emissions too!

Looking after all God’s creation

Making the correct choices in life; choices that benefit the whole community and not just ourselves.

Treating others with care and compassion

Understanding consequences of dropping litter; through-away culture, can we ‘make do and mend’? Repurposing materials to make new

Promoting good practice – sharing new ideas to reduce waste

Showing respect for the school environment

Recognising that our Values and Virtues will make them become a wonderful person, a valuable member of society, a true friend

Recognising that our Values and Virtues are an essential way of life, not just something to “pull out of the bag” at school

Curriculum Drivers