St Michael’s Academy Council meet at least fortnightly. The meetings held last year were very

Successful with many sensible suggestions being made. School councillors are often continuing to research items in their own time and presenting posters and power points in meetings.

Since January 2018, the children were asked to focus on encouraging, improving & organising physical activity at playtimes. As a result, they have:-

  • Designed a new tyre zone for active playtimes
  • Decided on a ‘Pennies for Play’ fund raiser to buy more Huff & Puff Equipment (Balls, long ropes, hoops, stilts, jump balls etc) . The children enjoyed using catalogues to order the items & ticking them off delivery notes as they unpacked the deliveries.
  • Created, produced and displayed rotas & labels for whole school rotation of workout zone, tyres, huff & puff , trim trail etc.
  • Been trained to be the marshalls for gym equipment. They hold a stopwatch and whistle to ensure 60 second rotation.

Councillors were also in charge of :

  • Delivered all remaining lost property to the local charity shop in July.
  • Monthly community litter picking in our neighbouring streets
  • Chair and Vice-Chair of the school council ‘hosted’ for  Mr Mayor when he visited our academy.

September 2018 – December 2018

Democratic elections took place week commencing 10th September 2018. 12 new councillors were elected and received their badges in a launch assembly on 14th September.

Their first project (a large one)is to organise and launch a shoe box project to help us with our charitable work for Christmas 2018.

More about the work of our academy council …

Academy council members are elected by members of their peer group to represent the class and put forward ideas and view points that will influence decisions made in the interests of the pupil population.

Two academy council representatives are chosen to represent the views of their class members and their duties commence in September of each new academic year.  Once pupils are elected to serve as council members regular meetings are held where the agenda and the items for discussion are generated by pupils from within the academy.  A member of staff, Mr. Yeo co-ordinates the meetings and supports the children’s chosen projects to come to fruition.  Academy council members have opportunities to meet with members of the senior management team, governing body, PTA and external agencies that may be involved and supportive of the academy council agenda.

Within the academy council, members have different roles to play.  The council has a chair person, vice chair person, secretary and treasurer.  Other members of the committee join with these officers in expressing the views of pupils.

2016 -17 The Council have instigated three new initiatives that they feel affect the pupils of our academy. The first initiative ( which was raised by last year’s council members) involves creating a ‘Buddy Bus Stop’. This idea is aimed at pupils who may need a friend at playtimes. ‘Buddies’ will help pupils to enjoy playtimes and introduce them to other children. Charlie in year 5 has created an amazing poster to explain how to implement this new initiative. The idea was put to all the children in Golden Assembly by Mrs McHale and was received with great enthusiasm – with fifteen year five’s already volunteering as Buddies! RESOLVED – BUDDY BUST STOP WELL USED. 

Their second initiative centred on the school laptops for ICT. Pupils feel that the laptops are old and take an awful long time to log on. They have found that most laptops also need chargers to function, which itself creates safety issues in the classroom. Olivia in year four has created a powerpoint presentation – and Harry in year two has written a letter on this, to highlight the views of the children. This has been forwarded to Mrs McHale to raise with the appropriate Academy Committee members. The Council are presently discussing ways to raise funds to buy ipads (taking their lead from Mrs Walters token collection scheme). RESOLVED – ENTERPRISE WEEK 2017, MEANT 15 IPADS AND 15 CHROMEBOOKS PURCHASED 

The final point on the council agenda is the safety of the playground. The council academy members have expressed serious concerns over some the playground surface. They feel too many children are slipping on the loose gravel and cutting knees, elbows and hands. One child has even broken an elbow on the surface! Ben (year four council member) has also created a power point on this subject. Niamh (year one member) has also produced a hand written letter with her views on the matter. RESOLVED – NEW PLAYGROUND WITH ACTIVE ZONES 
The Council have worked very hard this year to help improve life at school and happily give up their own time, to make sure all these actions are seen through to a conclusion that will benefit everyone.