To find out what we have planned for Year FiveĀ this year please download the curriculum pdf document.

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter

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Long Term Plan Y5

We use the set of subjects and standards defined in the DfE National Curriculum at St Michael’s Academy. (

We believe passionately that learning should be challenging, creative and fun. Ā So, all elementsĀ of our broad curriculum (academic, non-academic, religious, extra-curricular and pastoral development) are regularly reviewed to check that topicsĀ are as exciting as we can make them, whilst still constantly building the basicĀ skills in English and Mathematics so that children develop a life-long love forĀ learning. We are proud of our work to create tailor ā€“made, whole-school progressive curriculum schemes and supporting curriculum enrichment maps.

For further details of how these schemes provide excellent learning opportunities in all National Curriculum subjects alongside E-Safety, British values, Keeping safe and healthy, the Birmingham Diocese Scheme of Work for RE and the study of world religions please ask your child’s class teacher or contact the academy office for a paper or electronic copy.