Our Nursery and Reception Classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.


The Early Years prime areas are important because they lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and of life:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Physical Development.
  • Communication and Language.

St Michael’s believes passionately that learning should be challenging, creative and fun.  So, all elements of our broad curriculum (academic, non-academic, religious, extra-curricular and pastoral development) are regularly reviewed to check that topics are as exciting as we can make them, whilst ensuring children make good progress in all EYFSP areas of learning are :

  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • personal, social and emotional development.
  • literacy.
  • mathematics.
  • understanding the world.
  • expressive arts and design.

Please contact Early Years staff or our academy office for further details on our excellent provision across these areas of learning.